"Our Mission"

We are Systematic Excellence Consulting. We partner with you to bring your ideas alive. Whether that is better systems and processes to manage the operations of your business or creating the funnel, website, or social media graphics to market your business we have a team of amazing individuals to support you and your business. 

We combine strong marketing strategies, great design and copy, and the processes to ensure follow-through. We believe in taking a systematic approach to growing and scaling business. 

We work with businesses on long and short term projects. We customize our services to fit the needs of our clients. We believe there isn’t a once size fits all when it comes to supporting business owners like you. 

We pride ourselves on serving our clients to the best of our ability. We believe in honesty and integrity. 

If you are looking for help with building strong effective systems and process or creating a funnel or updating your branding and website we are here to help bring those ideas alive.


Amalie transitioned into entrepreneurship after serving for over 8 and a half years in the Navy. Being a master of chaos for a decade, she’s an expert in pinpointing the neglected systems and processes that slow down businesses and keep them from fulfilling their purpose.

Janine headshot

Dr. Janine Suvak is a former U.S. Army Flight Surgeon and combat veteran, as well as an author, consultant, and recognized expert in leadership and peak performance in high-stress environments. Now Janine uses her strategic problem-solving skills and digital marketing expertise to help online businesses thrive.





That day with Amalie was exactly what I needed. She literally handed me the break-through for something that I had been agonizing over for weeks.

Joy Duling


Sujatha lives in Jamaica with her 6-year-old daughter who is her biggest motivation. In her free time, she enjoys reading a good book and spending quality time with her daughter. She has a degree in Economics, and likes working at Systematic Excellence Consulting because tasks are very interesting and different from the regular 9-5 jobs, and her co-workers make the job much easier.

Karen is a graphic designer with 8 years of experience, she has worked in many digital marketing agencies gathering knowledge in several areas. She loves taking dance lessons, traveling, and learning new things. Karen has a restless mind always thinking about new projects, music, and the beach! She lives in Chihuahua, Mexico with her fiancé and their two dogs.

Mónica is a copywriter and translator with a degree in Foreign Languages. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and knows a bit of Italian, French, and German. Mónica loves writing, cooking exotic meals, volunteering in her community, and traveling when possible. She lives in Mexico with her family and 2 rabbits.

Lovely helps business owners by handling social media publication and allowing them to focus on the bigger responsibilities. In her free time, she loves reading books and watching videos to learn about manifesting. Lovely also loves learning new skills and competences to improve her work.