Your business has all these people coming in. It’s exciting, it sounds like amazing news… until you realize there are no sales. What?! What could be going wrong? It’s time to pause and reflect: am I bringing in the right people? 


If you’re experiencing something similar to the situation described above it could be a couple of things going wrong. We are going to focus on attracting the right people. 


As business owners, we’re happy to get clients, but truth be told, if you’re not attracting the right people it is a waste of your time, resources, and energy. 


We brought in an expert to help us pinpoint how to determine if you’re attracting the wrong people and what to do about it.


Getting to know her clients’ frustrations and challenges is something that is close to Amelia Roberts’ heart. Amelia is an expert in helping under-recognized professionals stand out and “get first dates” in business, and we are so happy to have had her as our guest in our latest Systematic Excellence Podcast episode. If you’d like to know how to attract the right customers and increase your sales, keep reading!


A guide to attracting the right clients


Amalie: How do you recognize if you’re attracting the wrong people? 

Amelia: So it starts with having a goal; when you have an income goal or revenue goal that helps simplify a lot of stuff. When you have a specific service, ask yourself how many conversations are you having about that service? And track those conversations: are they “yeses”, “nos”, “maybes.” Then if you’re not getting enough of the numbers that you need to support your goals, that’s an easy indicator that says you’re not talking to enough of the right people. Look at your funnel, no matter what sort of funnel it is, it could be the story that you’re telling, it could be the offer, and it could be the people. Are these conversations happening the way that you’d ideally like for them to happen? If no, then that’s an indication to start looking at the type of people that you’re attracting.


Amalie: When you’re analyzing whether your funnels work, look and see: are the people clicking on the first page, going to the second page, and getting off? Or are they opting in, or not opting in? You also have to think about the conversations you’re having. So what goes into attracting the right people?

Amelia: It’s really about, “are you solving the right problem? Are you asking the questions that your ideal clients are asking themselves?” Especially when it comes to figuring out podcast topics, make sure the topics are addressing your client’s problems. 


Doing business is like dating 


Janine: What would you say to a business owner who has clients that basically are not the right fit? It drains their soul to work with them for whatever reason, but they’re afraid to let go of what they’re doing at the time.

Amelia: Invite people to lean into serving people better. Because if your clients aren’t getting what they need from you, there’s probably someone else who can serve them better. And likewise, if there’s a mismatch between you and your clients, there are probably people that you can serve better as well. I am a matchmaker at my core. I had something called “Get more first dates in business.” Anytime I hear about a relationship where two people aren’t both getting something amazing out of it, it makes me wonder.


Janine: I love that you relate your messaging to dating because I think a lot of times people get caught up in the “I need sales” and forget the relationship aspect of it until after they’re into it.

Amelia: Business is relationships, the whole like and trust factor. When it comes to going after larger contracts, we look at who’s around us. We look at people that we’ve seen work or do similar things in different capacities. It’s all about relationships.


Amalie: Tell us a story about one of your clients that was in a position where they were attracting less than ideal clients and what they did to turn it around. 

Amelia: There was a client who was giving services around web design, and long story short, the people she was getting on the phone with were having pricing objection. And I probed around, and the content that she was putting out was around “what is a website?” “should you have a website?” “Great things that websites should do.” So I encouraged to answer more like “how to prepare your website for a launch?” “how to prepare your website for JB partnerships?” So it was a different conversation that would attract a different group of people who are used to certain pricing. I did suggest that she start to do lives on questions your web designer should ask you, or how your web designer can mess up your project, or something like that. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide to attract the right audience


Amalie: Let’s just put it into steps. So the first step you recommended was for her to look at the content that you’re putting out. So your messaging, the content, your blogs, your videos, your Facebook lives, anywhere you’re putting anything out; then knowing who it is that you want to talk to, where are they, what questions are they asking? What are they posting about in groups? Second step is to examine and evaluate your messaging that you have on your website, making sure that it’s on point and answering the questions or covering topics that the people are interested in. Then making those changes and then giving it time to work. It might take some time to take an effect.

Amelia: Yes. Jordan Gale of Systems Saved Me helped me come up with an acronym: 


B is for browse, browse the needs of your best buyers: what are they saying? what problems and challenges are they having? 

O is for observe, observe their buying habits: what are they actually buying in real life. 

N is for needs: what are they saying that they need more of in their life based on your observation and browsing?

D is for deliver, just deliver what the people are asking for.


THIS is why your plans aren’t seeing the light of day


Amalie: When it comes to attracting the right prospects, why do many visibility plans or goals never see the light of day?


Amelia: Because they aren’t formed into a project. I think there are a lot of business coaches out there that say, “You just need to get visible. You need to get out there.” What does that actually mean? I’m finding that a lot of us are process and project people. You have to task dates and people; a lot of people don’t break down their projects. And so when people say, “Hey, I have a book coming out or launch, I want to get on a lot of podcasts.” I show them what a project plan could look like and ask them, based on what the project plan looks like, if they still want to keep the launch date, or if they want more time.” It’s about having a project plan.


Amalie: Why is it important to set the buying criteria when creating a marketing plan?

Amelia: What I mean is with your content or whatever topics you decided to talk about on podcasts, webinars, or collaborations, create an example of what an expert should look like, for example, you as a web designer person, set the criteria. “These are things to look for in a web designer”, “these are things that you should ask.” Same for copywriter, a project management person. When you educate your audience about what to look for when buying something, the next logical step for them is to go with you. 


Learn how to become the most interesting person in the room


Amalie: How could you be the most interesting person in the room and attract the right people? 

Amelia: It is possible to become the most interesting person online. When you first meet somebody, whether it’s on social media or you’re on Instagram and you see somebody with a question and it’s just out there flapping in the wind, go and answer that question, be of service to them. And as you’re talking to people and then you follow them back you have the opportunity to connect with them. And then once they connect with you, whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, thank them for connecting. Long story short, how you’re the most interesting person in the room is by being interesting to them. When you’re really tuned into the what’s in it for them and asking them about what they’re looking on their life, that’s how you become the most interesting person in the room.


And that’s it for today! We hope this has been helpful to you. 


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