It all started when Kim Dang was only four years old and she had just arrived in America. Her (very traditional) parents wanted her to become a doctor, so in an attempt to please them, she made it all the way through college and got a pre-med major. But the problem was… she didn’t want to become a doctor.


So she switched her major to business, and after she graduated from college, she didn’t know what she really wanted to do, so she said: “well, I’m not gonna do anything if I don’t know what to do.” Her boyfriend at the time agreed with this idea and gave her the support Kim needed to ‘chill’.


This worked out for both of them for a while, until it didn’t. So Kim got a reality hit: she went from not working to having to work for 40 hours a week, week after week, with only two weeks of vacation time. It was insane. 


But this was all the push she needed to find more ways to support the relaxing lifestyle she was used to, so she started looking around online, which finally got her to where she is today.


How to make money online


Kim just googled how to make money online, where she found a five-page PDF on how to dropship. She followed that guide and started doing dropshipping. Dropshipping led her to eCommerce and well… five years later, she moved to the desert, got her own eCommerce company with staff, a physical location, own inventory and everything.


But things really got interesting when she got into software. She realized times are changing, and even if she had a profitable business, she still felt vulnerable when people around her started getting evicted. So once again, Kim started looking around.


This time she came across software creation, and it got her attention because it’s location-independent and has a low overhead cost, just what she was looking for.


Kim flew to San Francisco where all the startups are and met a really successful businessman. They conversed for a while, and she got a piece of great advice from him: get an audience. Get an audience, then figure out what they need in terms of software, and go build that for them.


And that’s just what she did. She grew her audience, interviewed them and found out what it is that they needed, which was Chrome extensions. There are many great extensions out there, sure, but their creators don’t update them or fix their errors, so these extensions are lacking. 


When Kim figured out that she could create her own tools with the features that people wanted, she just hired a random person on Upwork that could do it. It cost her $380 to get the tool done. She launched it and emailed 25 people on her list, and got two purchases very quickly. That’s when she found out how profitable really is and went on her journey with creating more and more Chrome extensions.


Everyone wants freedom


Kim invested in a year-long mastermind to learn how to deliver her message on a bigger scale. Once she entered that program, her business structure changed. She has live events, workshop days, she even added a mindset mentor into her program so that her audience can pursue the things that they want, which is freedom. Everyone wants freedom. 


The most interesting part is that Kim doesn’t know how to code; she says,


“you don’t have to be smart, you just have to be ahead.” 


With extensions, you don’t have to invest thousands of money to get money back. A tiny Chrome extension that has a few hundred users that makes a good amount every month is enough to release you from the office lifestyle that no one wants. It will give you the freedom you deserve.


Finding a balance between work and life


Kim still has her eCommerce business because it’s all so automated that she doesn’t need to do anything to it. She says she’s run into people who get caught up in their daily operations and struggle with getting out of it. Instead of trying to perfect every detail of their business, Kim mentioned they should be spending their time creating systems so their business can run automatically. 

It is a fight with yourself to let go and not be perfect, but letting go of some imperfections will lead you to peace of mind and mostly, a well-balanced life.

What is the Chromeboss Masterclass?

The Chromebox Masterclass started out as a private Facebook group. Getting in cost $7. Kim started documenting her journey and everything she did there. Then those $7 became $47, then $100 and now $997 because there is just so much amazing information in that masterclass to solve every problem and doubt you might encounter on your path when selling Chrome extensions. 


Update: This podcast episode was recorded in July 2019. Kim Dang currently has an awesome software called Group Convert that allows you to gather your Facebook group members email addresses and convert them into paying customers. She also has the Group Convert 5 Day Challenge going on that teaches you how to use automations to sell high ticket offers.  


And this is all for today! We appreciate Kim for letting us learn some of her secrets and her personal advice to live a fulfilling life that can be done from home.


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