One of the biggest perks of building an online business is the freedom you get from it. 

Because let’s admit it: there’s nothing like having the ability to travel the world, be your own boss, and running your business from anywhere you want at your own pace. 

Doesn’t it sound amazing? That’s because it is amazing!

Monica and Nick Kicaj, full-time entrepreneurs who share a passion for traveling joined us for another episode of Systematic Excellence Podcast to share with us how being a digital nomad while managing a business isn’t as hard as you may think.

It all started when Monica, a girl from Wisconsin who used to work as a dental hygienist, met Nick, a world traveler from Australia. Nick had been to 47 countries by the age of 25, and Monica had been to one. So that’s exactly when she had an inspiring “fuck it” moment and decided to take a risk.

So she saved some money, quit her job, and traveled to Europe for three months backpacking with Nick. But once she came back to her dental hygiene job, she didn’t enjoy the feeling of being back to the same thing. Nick and Monica continued dating, while she saved money to meet his family. They stayed there for a month and a half and she felt depressed.

It was this feeling that made her realize she had to find a way to monetize online so that she didn’t have to come back if she didn’t want to, and most importantly, to sustain herself while traveling. She asked the universe to send her someone or something…. and it did.

She found an online spiritual coach that wasn’t afraid of saying the truth, which is exactly what Monica liked about her. Monica worked her way through the program designed for people with no business experience and then landed her first client and that made her realize that having an income from an online source is completely possible. 

Nick had his own coaching program as a transformational mindset coach, and in September of 2019, they decided to merge their coaching programs together. And it was the perfect combination: he’s crazy at organic sales and she is more intuitive.

The Struggle Was Real

But owning a business with your romantic partner isn’t as easy as you might expect. They struggled with understanding each other’s strengths and not overstepping their limits for the first couple of months. Joining Clickfunnel’s Two Comma Club helped them understand that they needed to focus on their own strengths to really level up.

In the meantime, they filed for Nick’s green card. They couldn’t leave the U.S. until they had an answer, but that didn’t stop them from traveling. Nick and Monica have been on the road for months building their business. Every week or so they wake up in a different place.

Creating Routine and Automation

One of their biggest struggles was creating an internal and external environment to focus because businesses need a certain order and specific systems to work. So even when you find yourself in a different place every week, you need a routine in order to scale your business.

Finding a balance between authenticity and automation is another struggle they’ve overcome. 

They kept looking for ways to automate their business and learn new ways to get more people to subscribe to their membership to generate residual income; but, as coaches, they can’t lose that personal touch with their members. So it’s all about finding that sweet spot between keeping the authenticity and automating their business. 

Using software like Clickfunnels opened a whole new world of automation, from creating advertisements to building funnels.

Monica’s Advice

Owning a business with your partner is great once you realize that you are a team, and learn to structure your roles within your business and support each other. Find your own strength and put it to use; you will find that together your business will grow like crazy.


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