Growing your agency and taking it to the next level is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, especially not when there are endless resources designed to make your business run smoothly. 

That’s the case of HighLevel, and as their motto says, they help agencies & marketers thrive with their all-in-one sales & marketing platform.

HighLevel makes managing all of your business leads simple – thanks to its complete advanced analytics dashboard, tools that allow you to automate your follow-up campaigns, built-in 2-way messaging to keep in touch with your customers or prospects, and other tools to make managing your clients – or your client’s clients – a breeze.

In this article, we are going to be talking about what makes HighLevel so great, some practical uses and of course, its features. If this sounds interesting, keep reading! 

What is HighLevel?

Put simply, HighLevel combines technology with Agency-focused licensing that helps your clients get more leads, increase their conversion rates, improve their communication channels, and overall scale their business – all in a single marketing and sales platform that keeps all the tools you need in one place. With HighLevel you can save money and resources with their streamlined processes that are guaranteed to keep your clients happy.

HighLevel has all the tools your agency needs in one platform. 

  • Capture leads using landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, phone calls & messaging, and more. 
  • Nurture by automatically message your leads through voicemail, calls, SMS, emails, FB messenger, etc. 
  • Close your leads by using built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics

Enjoy the endless features in HighLevel, for example: 

  • Create a community for your agency or for your clients where they can initiate conversations and help people connect with each other through the Membership platform.
  • Manage your workflow and pipeline with the Pipeline Management feature which allows you to keep track of what stage your leads are in the sales funnel.
  • Create your own white label platform that you can sell at your own price and get an additional revenue source.
  • Customize your follow-up campaigns with automated conversations that will capture responses from your leads.

Agency account level

highlevel 1 agency account level
Find out everything you can do with HighLevel.

In the agency account level, you can see a list of all your sub-accounts or clients’ locations. When you add a location you’ll see a library of pre-build agency-specific snapshots with forms, landing pages and more depending on the chosen industries, for example coaching, dentist, gym, martial arts, home services, hair salon, attorneys, and more. 

Just follow the company setup guide to activate them, so you don’t have to start from zero.


highlevel 2 agency account level dashboard
Dashboards are a great way to keep everything in check.

Review important metrics like the number of opportunities, pipelines, pipeline values, conversion rate, and visual representations of each. You can also check data and reports, including metrics from Google Business and Facebook pages without leaving the platform.

Form builder

highlevel 3 form builder
Build customized forms with ease.

Head over to the marketing tab to build custom forms to your liking or use a pre-built form and just add the fields you need. You also get full control of custom CSS in case you want to customize your forms even further.

Funnel builder

highlevel 4 funnel builder
Create funnels, landing pages, and more.

Funnels builder helps you build custom landing pages: add sections, rows, and columns, populate them with buttons, forms, videos, images, surveys, timers, custom codes, and one of the most important elements, 2-step orders. 

In fact, you can build full websites using the navigation menu. Embed forms into your pages or add them as pop-ups to make lead generation easier for you.

Another important aspect is that you can toggle from desktop view to mobile view, so you can guarantee a perfect user experience on all devices.

Pipelines & leads

highlevel 5 pipeline opportunities
Toggle between multiple pipelines for easy visualization.

To capture leads for yourself or your clients, you can display your leads in pipelines and leverage automations to transform the leads into conversions. These are found in the opportunities tab, where you can see the custom pipelines you built. Add as many columns as you like, filter the view, and toggle between multiple pipelines for easier visualization.


highlevel 6 trigger
Create automations to make your daily activities easier.

Triggers build internal actions that automatically move opportunities through the pipelines based on specific events.


highlevel 7 campaigns
Create campaigns to automate your communication with clients.

Check out how to convert leads automatically for your clients by heading over to the Marketing tab and then Campaigns. 

Campaigns are automations that you can build using elements like two-way text messages, emails, audio phone calls, to help your clients communicate with their leads right away.

By building automated campaigns you’ll automatically convert more leads and conversions than ever. Generate more interest for your clients as people start to reply to the automation requests.


highlevel 8 conversations
Take your conversations with your clients to the next level.

See the entire conversation stream for each contact, you’ll find all the text messages and emails as well as recordings of phone calls and Facebook messages, all in the same stream. Your clients will be able to reply to their customers via SMS or email, bringing all the conversation into one unified feed.

HighLevel has artificial intelligence built-in that allows you to manage the conversations without spending all your time stuck to your phone.


highlevel 9 calendar
Book appointments and keep track of your calendar with this feature.

Create calendars with booking and embed them in your funnels. Once your leads are ready to convert, they can book themselves online without having to interact with a human over the phone. 

All of the booking requests show up in the scheduling tab which you can visualize either in calendar view or appointment view where you can confirm, reschedule, cancel or delete appointments.

Review requests

highlevel 11 review request
Request customer reviews easily.

As your clients generate more customers, you can help them create a steady flow of positive reviews by creating text and email review request templates that include a link that opens up the google review page so the customers just tap 5 stars and write their review, and hit enter.


highlevel 12 reputation
See and respond to your reviews in one single place.

Accessibility made easy: Go to the Reputation tab where clients can respond to reviews without having to log in to their Facebook or Google accounts.


As you can see, Highlevel offers you a wide variety of services in one single place, which if you got in several platforms would cost a fortune. However, we consider Highlevel to be affordable for even small businesses:

highlevel 13 pricing

If you do not feel ready to take the leap yet, Highlevel offers you a 14-day free trial where you can try for yourself all of the features without the commitment.