Ways to Stay Organized Day-To-Day

ClickUp is a great business management tool, that’s for sure – but today we are showing you how to utilize ClickUp for personal productivity so you never forget your important tasks ever again. 

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The first step is figuring out what are the daily activities that you need to take care of and want to have a reminder of, and then, based on that, block off some time on your calendar to ensure you get to do those activities. Then connect your calendar to ClickUp to help you get a visual idea of your day, every day, and what’s coming next on your week so you can plan accordingly.

Then, you can create a personal to-do list with the tasks you do daily (or on any other frequency) and set it to recur – you can set it up to recur daily, during weekdays or weekends only, or specific days of the week. Once you are done, you can close the task and it will be recreated automatically on the next day.

Need a reminder that pops up during the day? You can add things to your lineup. The lineup is basically a prioritized list of tasks so these tasks will always be on the top of your mind.
ClickUp also has a really useful function called Tray. When you add a task to the tray, it’s going to stay at the bottom area and you can check it whenever you need to. It’s really useful for those days where you have many different tasks, as the tray keeps them visible and readily accessible.

Watch Amalie Show You How To Use ClickUp For Personal Productivity:

Read ClickUp for Personal Productivity Video Transcript

Amalie Shaffer  0:01  

Hi, I am Amalie Shaffer from Systematic Excellence Consulting. And today I wanted to talk about ClickUp for personal productivity. So I think the first place to start is to figure out what are the daily activities that you need to take care of in your business or, in general, if you’re using ClickUp for personal, you know, management, but the first thing I would do is figure out like, what are those daily activities that you do and want to have a reminder of.

The other thing that I would do is calendar blocking. So based on your schedule, and what you have going on each day, you can block off a certain amount of time for doing certain activities. And then you can come in here and you can actually connect your calendar, whether it’s iCal or Google Calendar with ClickUp, and then it will show your available times this is our test account.

So I don’t have my calendar connected here. But you can connect it and it will show kind of, you know, if you have meetings or calls or whatever it will show what you have. And most of the time I spend, when I’m managing my day or getting ready for my day I spent in the homescreen, which is where I’m at right now. And it’s going to show me what I have do that day, anything I have overdue, and what’s coming up next. And then any unscheduled tasks that I have. And you can add tasks and reminders right from the home screen. This is where I really kind of start my day.

And then if I’m looking at my day, and I think okay, well I don’t want to forget to I need to call the doctor to make an appointment, I can go ahead and save that. And so then it’ll send me a reminder, you know, have a reminder here and I can manage it here. I can even add it to a list. If I want, I can delegate it to someone else. I can get a notification if I want a notification for it. And I can snooze the reminder or I can close it. Now if I wanted to add this to a list, let’s say I add it to my I’ve set up under my admin I set up personal items, I can add this as a task in my personal items list, which I have opened over here.

There we go. So it added a task there for me. And what I set up here is a task like daily business operations. And I added these things as checklist items. You could make them individual tasks, that’s totally fine. But I just did it this way, and then you can set it to recur. So let’s say I want this is something I do daily. But I skip weekends. And I want to create a new task when it’s closed. And I want to update it to open status when I’m done. So I come in each day.

Let’s say I’m done with this, I’ve done all these things. And then I can go ahead and close this task. And then because I set it to recurring, it will create it for the next day. So now it says it’s due for tomorrow. But again, like I said, I really work, for personal productivity, I really work from my home screen and my notifications.

Now the other thing you can do is add things to a lineup. Now let’s say let’s just go into my client and let’s say that you know this task, let’s say this task is due today. I just want to do due date to today. So I go ahead and hit today. I’m going to assign this to myself.

Now let’s say I want to add this to the lineup because I want it to be at the top of my mind of this is what I need to do today. So if I just go over to the three dots and I click add to lineup. I’m going to add it to my lineup so now this has been added to my lineup.

The other thing that I use is called the tray so if I go to add to and I say Add to tray, it’s going to add it down here to this bottom area which I really like because I do that often. If I’m going through notifications, and there’s a bunch of things I need to review for that day, I’ll just add them to this tray. And then when I’m ready to start reviewing them,  they’re kind of separate for me down in the bottom.

So now what you’ll do, if you go over to your home screen, I have to refresh, it’ll be in my lineup right here. And then you can add other things to your lineup, like I can add the call the doctor, I can add different tasks to my lineup for the day, or at the end of the day in preparation for the next day. So that’s another kind of trick that I use.

But again, I really like this tray, because it separates it out for me, and let’s say I’m like going through this, and then I think, oh, my gosh, there’s this other task I need to do, well, I can just hit plus task, I can, you know, do this thing. And then I can select what list it goes to, let’s say it’s for client one, I just thought about what I need to do, I’ll add it to the project list, sign it to whoever is going to do it, I can even add subtasks here, attach anything I need to attach. And then you know, you can apply a template to it, add the estimated time, tags, due date, let’s say this is going to be due tomorrow, I can do that. And I can just hit create task. Oops, I didn’t put a task name.

Okay, now I can go ahead and hit create tasks. And now I’ve just created and again, I don’t have to leave what I’m working on. If I think of a task that needs to be done, that I haven’t already added. So again, to begin with the personal productivity, I’ll think about what are your daily actions that you need to do, check emails, you know, if there’s a weekly call, whatever that is, figure out what that is, make a list on a piece of paper and then come into ClickUp and find a place where you’re going to manage those tasks.

So I have here where I showed under my operations and then in admin, I have a personal items list and that’s where I would keep those things. You can, you know, create either have one-off things like call the doctor, you can have that be a task or a reminder, like I showed you in the beginning. Then I would create tasks based on those daily activities. Like I said, whether it’s a task with checklist items for the day, or individual tasks.

I would also recommend having your team do the same thing where they have a list of their own that are you know, personal, not personal activities, but like their daily business activities or responsibilities, and then they’re able to track it, you’re able to see that those things got done. Just keep it organized. And it also helps too if they need to record their time because the time tracker is right here inside of the task.

Alright, well I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts or you know, put them in the comments, and I’m happy to answer them. Again, my name is Amalie Shaffer, I’m with Systematic Excellence Consulting. And if you’re looking for one on one support or help getting ClickUp set up for what you need, there is a link to book a free consultation with me and I look forward to see you next time. Thank you.

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