Learn the ins and outs of integrating and using Slack with ClickUp.

  1. Go to your settings, then in the Integrations section, go to Slack. 
  2. There are different options, like: select a place for Slack notifications to go somewhere like a space folder or list, send tasks to other people, view the task from Slack, change the status or add tags.

Watch Amalie Show You How To Use Slack Integration with ClickUp:

Read The ClickUp Slack Integration Video Transcript

Hi, I am Amalie with Systematic Excellence Consulting. And today I’m going to go over the Slack integration.

So the first thing is to get to that you go to your settings and then go to Slack. And these are the different options that we have here for the integrations, like what you can do with the integration.

You can also select a place for Slack notifications to go somewhere, so you can select a space folder or list where you would want those to go. But what I want to show you is how it actually works and what it looks like in slack. So I’ve created a couple examples in here for how it will look.

So for a task, I’ve already created one here, but if I do another one, and I say, so I’m going to send it to Janine, say, this blog is running for review. And then I put the link to it, then it’s going to populate this. And then if I want to view the task, I would just click on it, it’s going to pop it open here for me, so I can actually see the task. If I want to select the action, I can change the status and then it’s going to let me change the status. I’m going to put it ready for review. And I’m going to hit save. So now it’s changed it. I can see what tags are there. Ready for review, created by, unassigned, I can change the assignee. I’m gonna assign it to myself. Hit Save. Now it’s assigned to me, excuse me, and this is even giving the status color. So ready for review is red. If I just go back here, we exit out of here. Ready. So that was blog post one so you can see ready for review is red. And that’s what it’s reflecting. And the first comment was blog post three, which is in the to do list. So you can see that it’s blue, here, so we can see that.

Then the other thing is, is we can create a new task. So if we did blog number six needs to be added to the topic list and I hit Enter. Then if I come over here to the three dots, then I can create a task, attach a comment, save to Notepad. But let’s say I want to create a task from this. So then it’s gonna let me search. So I know that this is called the blog post template list. So I know that and then it’s gonna put the information in, I’m gonna select the assignee, assign it to myself, I’ll make the due date today, I can change the priority, put the title, so blog number six, I can even change the location of it if I don’t want it on that particular list. And I hit and now it’s done that now I can also share the bot message with the channel, meaning now this has been created into a task. So if I click on it, it’s gonna open it up for me.

Alright, and so then it’s going to populate the message right inside of here. And then if I click on this, then it’s going to show me the slack message, it’s going to open it up to the Slack message.

And then if we want, you can use the Command ClickUp new. So if I do that, then if I hit Enter, then it’ll let me create a task. If I click on settings, it’ll actually take me to my settings of ClickUp. Or I can create a task here and I just select this and then it’s going to take me to where I want. So if you need to browse it, you can browse all of your lists, but I know that this one’s called the blog template list. And then it’s going to let me create a task right from there. So that is the slack integration with ClickUp. I find it to be really helpful.

If we are having a conversation and something comes out of it that needs to be a test, I can quickly do it right there instead of oh well when I come back and then switch screens or whatever. The other thing is we keep our communication about tasks in ClickUp. So that’s in the comments of the task and it stays there. But if we’re having a discussion about something that isn’t a task yet, but we’re trying to decide on something, or we’re trying to determine what direction we’re going in, and then we come to a conclusion in Slack, I can quickly make that a task right inside of there, instead of, you know, waiting once I’m back in ClickUp, then I’ll do it and forgetting the message or the conversation that we had around it. I can do it right inside of Slack.

All right. So again, my name is Amalie, and this is how to utilize the Slack integration with ClickUp. Make sure that you subscribe to our channel to catch our future videos. If you’re looking for additional support, one on one support or if you have a team member that is learning how to use ClickUp more efficiently or effectively rather, feel free to use the link below to book a free call and see how we can support you. Thank you so much for watching.

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