ClickUp Spaces – where they are in the ClickUp hierarchy and how to use them. Spaces are the second tier of the hierarchy inside of ClickUp, and it’s useful for organizations with multiple people working on multiple processes.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the three dots, and go to Spaces.
  3. Change the settings, reorder lists, duplicate the space, set custom fields, or even create space-level templates.
  4. You can add it to Favorites so it will be easier to find.

Watch Amalie Show You How To Use Spaces in ClickUp:

Read The ClickUp Spaces Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Amalie with Systematic Excellence Consulting and today I’m going to go over spaces inside of ClickUp.

So spaces is the second tier of the hierarchy inside of Clickup. Workspace is the highest. Inside the spaces it could be based on department, could look like maybe clients have their own space, potentially teams it’s broken up into space. It really depends on your organization and how it would best function inside of ClickUp.

If it is something that has multiple people working on it with multiple processes, I do recommend making it a space. So because it’ll give you some more flexibility, if it’s one process that only one or two people are working on, then that might be better as a folder with lists to help break up the process.

If it’s a larger functionality of your business, I recommend using a space now that might not apply to everybody. That’s a very general way of trying to categorize the function in your business.

If you do want some help or recommendations, there’s a link in the bio to book a free call with me. And I’d be happy to discuss the different options inside of clickup.

So for space, here is the space. And there is a folder analyst inside of that. And so, inside of a space, you could just have lists, you don’t necessarily need to have folders. That’s just the way I have it set up here.

Now if you click the three dots, I’m just going to move my face out of the way, you can see that you can do the space settings here, you can change the color, even the icon. And then you can also you can reorder any lists that are in here, you can duplicate the space, you can actually create space level templates.

So let’s say you use a space per client, then you could create a template for a client space, and then just apply that whenever you need to. You can set custom fields for a particular space. So if that doesn’t work for you, you can set custom fields for the list and folder level. Maybe you want to set it for the space level, you do that here, you can archive the space, you can hide the space, delete it and do automations or add to favorites. So if I add that to favorites here, I’m just going to click on that.

Then for sharing and permissions, this is really limited because it’s either you share with your workspace or you make it private where other people can’t see it, or you can add specific people to see it. If you’re going to do more permissions as far as per member or per guest, you would do that at the folder list or even task level. And I’ve gone over that in previous videos, so maybe check those out.

So because I added that to favorites, it will be here, I just click on that. And then if you click everything, it will show you all of your spaces, folders, lists, tasks, inside of ClickUp. But again, that’s the space right here.

So one other way to look at this is if you click on the circles here, you can go to spaces, I just have it open already over here. And if you click on spaces, you can then see your spaces this way. So if I had multiple spaces, it would show me them here, I can see the Clickapps that are attached to it or set on or turned on for it and the required views. I can see views that I have set up for that. So this is just icon for the list and the board view. I can either delete the space or archive the space.

Then up here I can see if I archived it would live right there and then again, this is showing me that it’s shared with everyone that’s in my workspace, guests and members. And I can also make it private, it can show me all the statuses in there. So if you had potentially multiple lists with different statuses within the list, it would show you all the statuses here, I can create a new space right from here. And, you know, if you just click on that, then I can just create a space, maybe this is the marketing department. And then I’m going to share with everything and then it’s going to ask me what statuses I want. Let’s just do normal. And then I can turn on the different Clickapps here, I’m just going to leave what’s on there, I’m going to hit next.

I can do different views for it. So maybe, you know, I want those views and then review space, create space, and then I created a space right here, it’ll actually open it up for me, and then, right here, it’s just asking me if I want to inherit the statuses and views from the other space. So I’ll just hit yes, this is the space right here. And the other space that originally that I had was called space. So here’s the marketing department one, it has a list in it, and it automatically produces a list. And then I can make changes to it however I wish. Again, these are the different changes that I can make to it.

So that’s the space level. So again, the space is potentially your department or functions in your business that would require multiple people working together multiple processes. It’s on the larger scale of things. Potentially your content management, or you know, like I did marketing here, that would be a space level because there might be multiple processes that are happening inside of marketing or content management.

Okay, so that’s Spaces in ClickUp. My name is Amalie, I’m with Systematic Excellence Consulting. And if you are looking for additional help or support, like I mentioned earlier, there’s a link below that you can book a free call and you know, we can have a discussion to see if we can get you set up in ClickUp using it more effectively, and make sure you subscribe to catch all future videos. Thank you so much for watching.

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