ClickUp Unlimited vs Business – choose the best plan for your business and learn the differences between the two.

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Hi, I’m Amalie with Systematic Excellence Consulting. And today I’m going to go over unlimited versus the business plan.

First, let’s just go over the pricing. So if you’re going to pay monthly for it, unlimited is $9 a month, and then businesses $19. And if you pay annually, the unlimited is $5, and businesses $9 per month, but you’ll just be paying for the year.

So I have two screens open. But I’m going to just walk through quickly, I’m not going to go into each of the different pieces. I’ll briefly describe the different elements, but in later videos, I’ll be going over the different pieces of elements of ClickUp.

So with the unlimited plan, oh and to get to this screen, so you can see it for yourself. If you go to, you’ll see the expanded view of all of those. And as you can see here, a lot of it is the same until you get down to the automations. Well here for mind maps, if you have the Unlimited, you get 100 uses of the mind map view, which is just a different view inside of ClickUp. And then for business, you have unlimited there.

Now for automations. With the Unlimited, you get 1000. With business, you get 10,000. And then you can also do multiple actions in one automation. For the Unlimited, it’s just automations, you can’t do multiple steps inside of one automation. You can automate sprints there. And you can see the pulse, which is like seeing what’s going on. For the activity view, you can see the activity in different either everything or specific folders or lists. For unlimited, you get seven days of the view, whereas with business, you get the unlimited view. And pretty much these are the same.

Now just down to timeline and workload views. Again, they’re just different views within ClickUp. And with the Unlimited, you get 100 of each. But with business, you get unlimited, and sprint points, you get 100 uses of those. With business, it’s unlimited.

Now down here is where we get into where more of these items are with the business plan and not the unlimited plan. And just going through this, you do get cloud storage, reporting, and then guest visibility, you do have some flexibility on what you can allow your guests to see. With the free forever plan you can’t choose what the guests see. So the guests will see everything. Whereas with the unlimited or business, you can actually dictate what the guests will see, maybe you don’t want them to see a whole folder, but you do have a list that you want them to see. Or maybe it’s just one task in a list that you want them to see.

Okay, so these are pretty much the same going down here. And then the proofing you get 100 uses of that. Whereas business you get unlimited and proofing is just see, if someone attaches a PDF or an image file, you can actually comment right inside of there to have collaboration on it. And put real time comments, you get 100 use of that with unlimited, and you get unlimited amounts of uses in the business.

And then for teams, so you can split your company up into teams within ClickUp. With the business, you get unlimited teams, and with unlimited plan, you get one team. So again, just going down here, these are for the private protected default views. That’s a setting inside of ClickUp. So you can make certain things, certain views private, you can set the default view inside of folders or lists. And if you had the unlimited or forever free plan, you can’t do that. But you can with the business plan.

And then let’s see email in ClickUp. So with the unlimited business, you get unlimited amounts of emails inside of ClickUp. Now with the unlimited plan you can integrate two email accounts inside of ClickUp to choose from, because you can email from within a task in ClickUp. And then with the business plan, you have unlimited email so you can integrate.

And then just going down to integrations. The only thing that’s really different here are the timesheets.

And then the web connector, I find that these are, you know, being able to connect Google Drive or Dropbox, whatever you use to store documents and things like that. Zapier and Integramat, help you to connect other software with ClickUp. And you’re able to do that with any of the plans. And then time tracking, the main difference is you can do with notes, labels, and then billable time. And then there are 50 native integrations with ClickUp and you get those with either plan.

All plans have the 24 hour support, which is fantastic. And then nothing is different here between the unlimited and business. And then this just goes into security. So the main difference here between unlimited and business is that you can do the Google’s Single Sign On, which allows you to sign into your account and your team members, if they’re members with their Google signing just to save you time.

And then there’s also, and I’ll include the link to both of these in the show notes, so you can click Make it easier to click and check them out. But here, it breaks it down a little bit more and then it hyperlinks to documents that you can check that out. And just lets you know, I think pretty much I went over everything.

Exporting to excel, you’re able to do that with the business plan and not with the unlimited plan.

Form responses. So if you create a form inside of ClickUp, you can actually export the responses into a CSV if you need to use it for something else, it allows you to do that.

One thing I do want to go over is the permissions for controlled guests. So you have with one person paying on the paid business plan, you get 10 guests, then every other person you add as a member on your team paid on the Unlimited, there’s five additional guests that are added. Right. So if you have you have three people, the first person you get the 10 guests and then the two additional people get five more so you’ll actually have 30 guests available, and you’ll be able to control what the guests can see. Okay, so that is really the main difference between the unlimited and the business plan.

Thank you so much for watching. Again, my name is Amelie, I’m with Systematic Excellence Consulting. And if you are looking for additional help or support with getting ClickUp set up, getting your project organized in it, feel free to book a free discovery call using the link below. And make sure you subscribe to catch all my future videos. Thank you

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