ClickUp Unlimited – discover the powerful features that will take running your business to the next level.

  1. Go to 
  2. See the features that are part of the Unlimited plan, such as: 
  • unlimited file storage
  • unlimited spaces
  • integrations with OneDrive, Google, Dropbox
  • unlimited custom fields for different tasks, goals, portfolios, views, and more
  • unlimited dashboards
  • unlimited milestones
  • 1000 automations per month

    The Unlimited plan is $5 a month paid annually or paid monthly for $9 per month.

Watch Amalie Show You How Find Information About ClickUp Unlimited:

Read The ClickUp Unlimited Video Transcript

Hi, I am Amalie. And I am with Systematic Excellence Consulting. In this video, I’m going to go over the Unlimited plan with ClickUp.

So here they have the list of items that are included here. And I’m not going to go into depth on each one of these, but just go over what they are to show what the unlimited plan offers.

So you have the unlimited file storage, unlimited spaces, you have your workspaces, and then spaces. So it’s the second level of hierarchy, you get 400 folders and lists purse base, clouds doors integration that looks like Google, Dropbox. Okay, so it has Cloud Storage. So it has OneDrive, Google Dropbox, it can integrate with those.

So you have unlimited custom fields that is in the list view for when you’re creating custom fields for different tasks, goals, portfolios, views, those are all unlimited.

Proofing is where you are able to put comments on attachments or deliverables if they attach it to the task. So you get 100 of those, 100 uses of the mind map, timeline view workload view and in future videos, I’ll be going over what those different views are.

Dashboards are unlimited, milestones are unlimited. And then column calculations in the list view or table view you’ll have those in the unlimited plan. You’ll have the Gantt view as well, and then the different other views that are available.

Then you get 1000 automations per month, you can see seven days of activity, you can have one team so you can break out your company into teams and with the unlimited you do get one team, or you could choose not to set that up.

And then you have some permissions that are available for guests and you get unlimited read-only guests no read-only obviously based on what that is you can’t do anything else other than they can just read or see what you’re sharing with them.

You can view future recurring tasks on the calendar view. So in calendar view it shows recurring tasks, you’ll be able to see out into the future of when they are due.

Now for guests, for one member that’s paid in the unlimited gets five guests seats with permissions meaning not just read-only but you can give them permissions of what you want them to see. And then each additional member that you add to the workspace that is paid you get two additional guests per one work member So the example is if you have three members that are on the unlimited plan that you’re paying for you have nine guests, plus unlimited view read-only guests, and then you get one email per account per workspace. You can email from within ClickUp and so in the unlimited you get one email account that you can add there and then if you want to add additional obviously as it states here, it’s $2 per month.

And to see the comparison chart, I’m just gonna let me go over here. So if you go to you’ll be able to see basically everything that we just went over, you’ll be able to see it in a comparison chart.

So the unlimited is the $5 a month, paid annually, and paid monthly is $9 per month. And again, you’ll be able to see the breakdown here of everything that we just reviewed.

I hope that this was helpful. We’ll be doing a comparison video next with the unlimited business plan. Make sure you subscribe for our upcoming videos and check out the videos that we’ve always already done with Quick Tips for using ClickUp.

Again, my name is Amalie Shaffer, thank you so much for joining me. If you’re stuck and needing some one-on-one support, or if you have a project that you need to get into ClickUp. Please book a free discovery call, the link’s below and ensure that you subscribe to catch all of our future videos. Thank you.

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