ClickUp Account – How to create a new account.

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Create a new account. 
  3. Put your email address in and create a password. 
  4. Click on Play with ClickUp. 
  5. Check your verification code in your email. 
  6. Add your business name to your workspace. 
  7. Pick the number of people that will be on your team. Click next.
  8. Invite your team by putting their email addresses.
  9. Choose the ClickApps that you will be using inside of your workspace.
    1. If needed, import information from the apps shown in the list. Click Done.
  10. Play with ClickUp!

Watch Amalie Show You How To Create A ClickUp Account:

Read The How To Create ClickUp Account Video Transcript

Hi, I am Amalie, from Systematic Excellence Consulting and in this video I’m going to show you how to create a ClickUp account. And so the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to go to Alright, so we’re just in the first screen here, I’m gonna go ahead and create a new account.

You’re gonna put your email address in, I’m gonna use… and then create a password and then click on Play with Clickup. Now I’m going to go get my verification code. Alright, so I got my confirmation code. 

Alright, so now I am in the very beginning part, let’s do it. We’re going to, we’ll keep it as my name. So your workspace is going to be your business name. It’s the highest level of the hierarchy. So I’ll just keep it my name for now. But you can obviously change it, pick a color, I’m happy so far. We can change the theme color if we want. All right, pick the amount of people that we have on your team, so we actually have a few people on our team. Right, we’ll just select some of these here.

Okay, and we’ll go with that. All right, and then we’ll go next. I heard about word of mouth. And I’m not going to invite anyone to the workspace right now. But if you had people you wanted to, you would just put their email addresses there. 

These are ClickApps. So these are things that you can use inside of your workspace. So I’m just gonna click the options here, I might not use all of them or I might. This looks good. If we use any of these apps, you’d want to select them. So for my team, we do use Slack, we use Zoom, we use Zapier and Integromat we don’t use at the moment, we use Zapier for most of our integrations, but if you use that you can obviously select it.

This is for importing. So if you’re importing from anywhere, for now, I’m just going to select Excel and CSV. But if you are using one of these other ones, you can select that and import directly from it. I’m just gonna hit done here. Now we’re going to play with ClickUp.

Okay, and so now we’ve come to the Getting Started screen. 

And that is how you create a ClickUp account. In other videos, we’ll go into other pieces of ClickUp and how to use it. 

If you are stuck and need some help, maybe one-on-one help. Or maybe you have more extensive projects you’d like help with so you can get back to business. You can book a free Discovery Call, the link is below. And in the next video, I’m going to show you how to delete a ClickUp account. Thank you so much for watching.

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