ClickUp is the tool many business owners use to pretty much manage their entire business. It will save you one day every week, guaranteed. Over 200k+ teams use it to become as efficient as possible, and we are one of them. 

As a project management tool that is cloud-based, ClickUp is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, with endless communication and collaboration tools. From creating to-do lists, docs, and spreadsheets, to setting reminders, viewing your daily tasks, goal tracking, resource management, and much more, there’s nothing you can’t do with ClickUp. 

Everyone in our team is big advocates of ClickUp, we encourage other business owners to use it and we also use it with all of our clients to maximize their potential. If you want to get to know the features that make ClickUp the one app to replace them all, keep reading!

ClickUp as a remote work tool

Remote work
Remote working is more common nowadays, and requires more tools to be successful.

ClickUp is one of our favorite tools that is perfect for both local teams and remote work. As long as you have tasks to do and keep neat and organized, it doesn’t matter where your team is located. Whether you do content writing, software development, SEO and digital marketing, accounting and bookkeeping, financial analysis, legal work or tech support, or anything else, ClickUp is guaranteed to work for you.


Team work
ClickUp makes team work more efficient and productive.

As we mentioned before, ClickUp has so many benefits that will save you one day every week. Among all of their solutions, these are our favorite ones that have definitely improved our game: 

  1. Keep everything in one single place: Forget about having too many apps; ClickUp lets you add Kanban Boards, Gant charts, Calendars, documents, conversations, reminders, spreadsheets, and simply embed everything you need so you can have everything in one place.
  2. Keep track of what’s going on: ClickUp makes it easy for you to know what everyone is going on. Thanks to its task & time tracking views, you’ll be able to see other people’s profiles and see what they are working on now and what their next tasks are, allowing perfect transparency for everyone.
  3. Know what’s coming next: The inbox feature allows you to see what’s your next task, priorities, dependencies, estimated hours, and other things to help you keep your own time organized.
  4. Work together: “Spaces” are completely customizable, so every type of team can work together. For example, you can create a simple Space for something like customer service, and a complex one for engineering.
  5. Get a birds-eye view of everything: There’s no need to ask everyone about the status of each task. You’ll be able to view every single task across your entire team in any way: sort, filter, and manage all tasks at a birds-eye view.


ClickUp features
Let’s discover some of the many features ClickUp has to offer.

By now, you must be wondering “so… what does ClickUp do?” and the answer is: what can’t it do? ClickUp is completely customizable, making every feature a new world to discover. While the features below may look basic at a glance, each of them does more than you can imagine. 


  • To-do lists. Create as many simple and complex tasks as needed.
  • Project management. Build projects completely customizable according to each project’s needs.
  • Docs & wikis. Create documents, wikis, and knowledge bases and share them with anyone.
Clickup docs
Create, update, and share Docs right within ClickUp.
  • Spreadsheets. View your tasks in a Table or embed Google Sheets and Airtable Bases directly to edit and collaborate without leaving ClickUp.
  • Emails. Send and receive emails directly within the app; you can also create and automate tasks from your emails, collaborate with your team, and forget about important conversations getting buried in your inbox again.
  • Events. Use calendars, timelines, and even Gantt charts to schedule your team, plan tasks, and sync with other common apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple.
Clickup calendar view
Use Calendar view to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines or meetings.
  • Reminders. View your daily tasks, reminders, and events all in one place. You can also drag and drop tasks onto your LineUp so you can always keep a visual reminder of your to-do tasks.
  • Goal tracking. Set goals for yourself and your team, and track progress in real-time to help you organize your next goals.
  • Time tracking. Track time, add estimates of how long tasks should take, and build reports directly in ClickUp.
  • Screenshots & recording. Capture images and record videos of your desktop, and share them easily so others can access them whenever needed.
  • Resource management. Keep track of workload: manage capacity to make your planning process efficient and everyone knows exactly what to work on.
  • Comments & chat. Talk to everyone in your team without downloading a communication tool. ClickUp allows you to add comments and tag your team on any task or document. You can assign items to each person, chat in real-time, share attachments with each other and keep continuous communication with your team.
Clickup chat
ClickUp makes it easier to talk to everyone in your team.

In addition to that, each feature offers many solutions to your every need – some you may not even know you had. ClickUp has over 100 proprietary features, and it’s up to you to decide which you want to keep and which you want to hide for now (and use later). So you can assign comments, resolve comments, mention people, and more, such as:

  • Recurring tasks
  • Google Calendar 2-Way Sync
  • Tasks Checklists 
  • Filter and Search
  • Sort by anything
  • Customize assignees
  • Collaboration detection
  • Image mockups
  • Multiple assignees
  • Threaded comments
  • Multitask toolbar
  • Super rich editing
  • Chrome extension
  • Priorities
  • Agile Board View
  • Box view
  • Progress percentage
  • Hierarchy
  • Custom notifications
  • Activity stream
  • Mentions

Why should you use ClickUp?

Why use ClickUp
There are many reasons why you should start using ClickUp today.

As business owners, we often struggle with prioritizing, delegating tasks, and even wasting time organizing your entire business when in reality, you should be focusing on more important topics and enjoying the freedom that comes with owning a business (or should, at least). 

When we work with new customers, we emphasize the importance of having a comprehensive productivity platform in order to have a successful work life and personal life. Once you are able to transform into a productive business owner, you’ll have more time to spend with your family, catch up with friends, play your favorite sport and enrich your life with things that matter to you. 

In other words, being on top of your work life will make your life easier and happier. 

We recommend ClickUp instead of other productivity tools because it will allow you to maximize your times by:

  • Having your reminders in the same place as your calendar 
  • Keeping both your reminders and calendar next to your tasks 
  • Helping you keep control of your work life and personal life in the same app, but partitioned enough so they don’t mix with each other. 

As you can see, ClickUp is more than a productivity tool – it’s a way to keep your work life and personal life organized to help you become the most efficient version of yourself, and, in return, facilitating your team’s workloads, schedules, priorities, and allowing your business to grow and reach new highs. There are other apps and software that can help you achieve success too, but there’s nothing like having everything in one single place, just like ClickUp does. 


ClickUp integrations
Integrations allow you to sync your most important apps with ClickUp.

ClickUp has everything you need, but it’s possible to make it better for your specific needs thanks to its integrations – making ClickUp even more customizable (isn’t that amazing?). So, let’s say one of your clients prefers tracking time with Toggl, or you need to turn your Outlook emails into tasks promptly or work with a team that uses Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other. 

Build a custom integration with its public API or connect with your favorite productivity tools natively such as:

  • Slack 
  • GitHub 
  • GitLab 
  • Everhour 
  • Toggl 
  • Harvest 
  • Google 
  • Drive 
  • Dropbox
  • Google
  • Calendar
  • Figma
  • Timeneye
  • Outlook 
  • Zapier 
  • Integromat 
  • Single-Sign-On 
  • Automatic Import 
  • Bitbucket 
  • Time Doctor 
  • Embeds 
  • OneDrive 
  • Sentry 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Google Hangouts 
  • Chat Box 
  • Front 
  • Zoom 
  • Twilio
  • Bugsnag
  • Calendly
  • And many more

How will ClickUp improve my business?

Project management tool
Project Management Tools are, without a doubt, the way to success.

Regardless of the size of your business, the number of projects, plans, and people, it’s always a good idea to have a solution that can help you maintain your business organized in a way that is accurate and profitable. 

Not too long ago, business owners didn’t have project management software; instead, they had a notebook, a calendar, a pencil, and maybe a whiteboard or two. Nowadays, we are lucky to be able to rely on technology that never fails, is able to replicate processes at the click of a button, store infinite amounts of information, and can share it in real-time with people across the globe. 

As business owners ourselves, we can confirm that ClickUp is the reliable tool that we needed to grow our business, get more clients, and manage our projects easily. In fact, here are some of the ways that ClickUp will improve your business and transform it into one of the most competitive companies in your industry:

  1. Efficient project planning: 

Many business owners or project managers spend a large amount of time planning, organizing, tasking, delegating… and that is time that’s never coming back. It’s not “lost”, it’s just not efficiently used. One of the key benefits of ClickUp is automation. Automating tasks and recurring processes allows businesses to establish a solid base for their upcoming projects by automatically creating tasks instead of doing them manually. Not only that, but keeping track of progress is infinitely easier thanks to its checklists and to-do lists.

  1. Balanced workload:
Clickup workload
Make sure everyone’s workload is balanced with ClickUp.

Work-related burnout is becoming more common recently, and a lot of the time it happens due to poor workload organization. It’s hard finding that balance to keep your team working efficiently without overloading them with work on top of work.

ClickUp encourages better standards of work by having visual features to spot bottlenecks, such as its time tracker. This way, you will be able to see the areas or projects that need more hands or time to get completed or the projects that have more people than needed. Happy employees work best – never underestimate the importance of a balanced workload!

  1. Everything in one place: 

Have you ever struggled with sharing deliverables before? Or finding a document that was created 2 years ago? Perhaps your calendar in your iPhone is not too reliable, or important emails get buried in your Outlook account. Maybe using your personal number for work-related chats isn’t your preferred solution, either. Well, whatever your pain is, we recommend ClickUp as a solution for each of them. Being able to access all your important data, checklists, documents, events, tasks, to-do lists without trying to remember which software you used for that project, is a blessing. 

  1. Team collaboration:

If your team finds it hard to communicate with each other and YOU have become the contact point between all of them, you know how tiring that can be. ClickUp saves you one day a week – a total of 52 days a year! – by improving team collaboration. You can designate individual tasks which are part of a bigger project, and features such as chat, dependencies, and timelines, makes it easier for you and your team to know what’s coming up next when to expect a task to be finished, and generally, stay aligned together. Having said features also help reduce re-work and wasted time, creating fast-paced deliverables.

Benefits of ClickUp
There are many extensive ways in which ClickUp will make your business more efficient wherever you are.
  1. Progress monitoring

Achieving success happens faster for businesses that keep track of the progress of their work. ClickUp is our favorite tool to monitor the stages of our projects, as it gives us an idea of whether tasks will be completed on time or will need a couple of more days. Having this kind of information in one single place helps you or your project manager make the right decisions regarding timelines and workload.

  1. Transparency

ClickUp makes communication more simple, both internally for your team and externally for your clients. By communication, we don’t just mean chatting: we mean document sharing and project display. Having a tool such as ClickUp to share information in one single place enables the transparency all clients look for when deciding for a company to work in their project. 

  1. Improve customer satisfaction

As a result of all the points we just mentioned, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed to skyrocket. Why? Because when you use a collaboration and project management tool such as ClickUp, you’ll be able to narrow your focus, achieve your goals in shorter periods of time, and improve your deliverability, making YOU your clients’ favorite product or service provider. Happy customers always come back. 

How can ClickUp help me save 1 day every week?

How does clickup help me save 1 day a week
ClickUp helps you save 52 days of work in a year.

Saving one day every week seems highly unattainable for some business owners. Between slow and inefficient communication, responding to too many emails, doing repetitive tasks that can be automated, and lack of employee interaction, saving time seems more like a dream rather than a goal. 

We used to be there too, at the beginning of our journey, before we got to know ClickUp. To save 1 day every week, you don’t need to perform crazy tricks or read hundreds of books. All you need is an organized workflow that helps you manage tasks and collaboration with your team efficiently.

How? Here is an effective yet simple ClickUp workflow that will help you achieve your goals:

  1. Set goals

In ClickUp, goals can be broken down into smaller targets. You can add goal names, descriptions, due dates, assign them to specific people, and connect your targets to a task. Every time you finish each target, ClickUp automatically updates your progress percentage and shows you how close you’re to achieving your main goal. Keeping track of your progress is often a great incentive to your team, too.

  1. Create and assign tasks

Avoid confusion and wasted time answering questions like “what do I have to do?” “who is this for?” by assigning tasks to people with detailed steps or instructions on what to do, plus, having this kind of ownership helps your team become responsible for their own tasks. 

You can create and assign tasks to one or multiple members, split tasks into subtasks for better clarity, add priorities to help your teamwork on urgent tasks first, and our favorite one, use templates for popular tasks and recreate them quickly when needed.

  1. Monitor tasks progress

Instead of messaging your team every couple of hours for updates, simply check each task’s status that is completely customizable according to your project’s needs. 

For example, you can add stages to your tasks which will help your team know exactly where they are at, in real-time. And for you, business owner or project manager, we recommend using the Box view for a general overview of what everyone is currently working on. Finally – no more time-consuming meetings and long emails every day! 

  1. Better communication with your team 

Improve your internal communication with ClickUp and save yourself hours of back and forth messages. Each task has a Comment section that allows team members to address issues, attach relevant files or links, tag relevant team members, all in real-time.

Worried that your comment will get lost among a string of comments? With the Assigned comments feature, you can quickly create tasks out of comments and assign them to a specific person which will be notified instantly and will appear in their Home, and you can be assured your comment won’t go unnoticed. 

ClickUp communication
ClickUp makes collaboration and communication easier, even when you are not in the same room!
  1. Document processes

Whether you have many processes or not, having clear and accessible process documentation is vital to any business. Whether it’s onboarding or anything else that needs to be documented, you can easily create one with Docs feature. One of the best things about this feature is that since each document is stored alongside your project, it will be accessible to everyone in real-time.

  1. Automate tasks

Oh, this is one of our favorite features. Doing repetitive tasks manually consumes more time than you’d expect. But you can say goodbye to that! With ClickUp’s 50+ pre-built automation, you can automate routine tasks in a matter of minutes. And if you can’t find what you need, you can create your very own automation to automate whatever you need. 

Here is a taste of what you can achieve with automation:

  • Change task status when its assignee is removed
  • Apply a template when a task is created
  • Add tags to a task when the due date arrives
  • And so many more things
  1. Evaluate productivity

For your business to succeed, everyone in your team needs to be productive and needs to be aligned with your business’ mission. The easiest way to know how productive your team is and find where the bottlenecks are is with the Team reporting feature. 

ClickUp will give you six reports to help you analyze your team’s performance, with reports like: 

  • See the tasks completed by each team member
  • Dive into the tasks each person has been active in during a specific time frame
  • Gamify tasks to motivate your team members
  • View who has “Work In Progress” tasks
  • Review the total time each member spent on tasks
  • Match estimated task times with actual time spent to make better future estimates

And we didn’t even get close to covering all of ClickUp’s features. To help you save 1 day a week, this app also features time tracking to track the time your tasks and projects take, visualize your team’s activity levels over a given duration, tackle tasks in the correct order with the dependencies feature, jot ideas down with the integrated Notepad and later on convert them to tasks, create your own custom mission-control for an even easier project management, integrate other apps such as Google Drive, Slack, Toggle, Zoom, and one of our favorite things: collaborate over tasks on the go with Android and iOS mobile apps.

Now you know how ClickUp can completely change your game for the better and make your business run smoothly. Say goodbye to bottlenecks, wasted time, and loss of motivation, and say hello to a successful business! 

Simply streamline your processes and improve your communication with ClickUp and you’ll be able to, just like us and our clients, save one day every week. Guaranteed! 

If you feel ready to step up your game and make your business reach success as you’ve always dreamed of, contact us and we’ll make it happen. Our experience in business alongside ith project management tools such as ClickUp is just what you need to make success happen. No matter how small or big your goal is or what your industry is, we are here to help you. 

Contact us today!