Unlock the podcast content production and publication system that multiplies your social media presence – without multiplying your effort.

For savvy business owners that want to fully leverage their time and content to grow their audience and convert engagement into sales.

Do you know how much time it should really take you to produce & publish a podcast episode?

Cleaning up and editing the audio. Adding the ID3 tags. Editing transcripts. Episode titles, descriptions, graphics… and content multiplication? Don’t you mean massive workload mutiplication?!?

Even if – and it’s a BIG if for most – you can knock it out in a single morning or afternoon, that’s still a solid percentage of your work week.

Managing the team? On top of All The Things you do for your business, juggling the tracking and communications for the entire podcast production process increases your task load and decreases your productivity. 

~Any time spent on podcast production is time taken away from growing your business.~

The worst thing a business owner can do is get trapped working the production line of endless, repetitive rote tasks.

You might be asking yourself if you should even keep podcasting at all.

Producing our podcast launch was a first class ticket on the Hot Mess Express. Ten episodes to be produced along with all the prelaunch promotion activities – it was a lot. Not just one learning curve for a podcast production system, but for each step along the way.

Have you ever felt like your head is going to explode if you have to learn One. More. Thing? I feel you. 

Outsourcing? I still had to understand what I was asking for and why (ROI anyone?) and fit it into my budget and calendar. 

Even with this knowledge, finding the right contractors was like trying to find the right pieces from a hundred different puzzles all mixed up together then making them fit how I wanted… the perfect recipe for a career as a crazed ferret herder.

As you may have guessed, we immediately developed a system so we could record our podcast and hand it off to be produced, published, and repurposed to our social media channels.

But then we realized there was an even bigger problem. 

The audio experts don’t understand social media. 

It’s no wonder – most sound production contractors or agencies look at a podcast episode like a music album – as if it’s a final product in need of marketing rather than as a marketing asset. 

It’s not really their fault, it’s just that their expertise is audio, not marketing.

In the meantime, the social media ‘experts’ just want assets to plug into a scheduler without providing any analysis on what’s performing particularly well… or particularly poorly for that matter.

Meanwhile, each episode was like a blank slate for the copywriter, content to be derived from an audio file, disregarding any advantage to be had with data from even rudimentary SEO or social media analytics… let alone the within the context of our overarching marketing message and business goals.  

Whether it’s a blog, a podcast, an ecomm platform or any of the many social media channels, analyzing performance and optimizing for results is the difference between so-so marketing and excellent marketing.

Repurposing content makes sense, but if you’re repurposing content that doesn’t perform, you are multiplying the effort and expense but not the return.

Since that first ride on the Hot Mess Express, we’ve perfected podcast production to a science.  

We never wonder if our podcast is worth the (now minimal) effort and expense. 

We’re So Excited to Introduce the Power Podcast Production System

The revolutionary turnkey podcast multimedia production and publication system for business owners that want all the benefits of a podcast without the production and promotion taking over their calendar.

Perfect for busy entrepreneurs with podcasts intended to share your message, position you as an authority, broaden your network and reach new clients.


Like your other KPI’s, you’ll understand how to evaluate your podcast performance with objective measurements tied directly to your business goals so you never wonder if it’s really worth it.

Outsource your podcast production to experienced professionals without the time, expense and headaches of finding and training new team members so you can record your podcast, hand it off and confidently go on about your day.

Capitalize on the power of content multiplication – one podcast, multiple social media assets – so you can effortlessly fill your social media publication calendar, increase organic traffic, and build your audience faster.

Build relationships with your guests and leverage their audiences with episode asset packs that makes promoting you to their audience a no-brainer.

Spots Are Limited

To ensure the highest quality production, we only take on a limited number of new clients.

Unlike shoddy agencies who worry more about selling than delivering a quality service, we never promise the moon then put your content in the hands of untested freelancers hired on the fly.

Our new team members go through an intensive training and review process before we add new podcast production slots.

Of course a rigorous quality review process is built right in to the Power Podcast Production System.


My Business Isn’t On All These Social Media Channels. Will This Still Work For Me?

If you aren’t, you’re leaving money on the table.

We understand – every social media channel is different, so much so that there are tons of freelancers and agencies who specialize in only one. It takes time to master each one and meanwhile you have a business to run!

The Power Podcast Production System is a great way to establish your company’s presence and expand to new audiences without having to climb another steep learning curve or add more to your (or your team’s) workload.

What if I Publish More or Less Often Than Four Times a Month?

No worries – while once a week is the most common podcast publication cadence, it isn’t the only one.

Schedule a discovery call so we can understand your needs and develop the perfect solution for you and your business.

What If I Get Behind on Recording?

Of course we hope this never happens because consistent publication = the most audience growth and engagement when they make listening to your podcast a habit in their lives. We get it though, sometimes life happens. 

We consider ourselves part of your team, here to support you and your business. When the unexpected happens, we work closely with you to help you through it and to get back on track as quickly as possible.

What If I Don’t Have A Podcast Yet?

If you’ve been wanting to launch a podcast but weren’t sure how to get the most out of it or manage the ongoing tasks, the Power Podcast Production System is the solution. 

Looking for podcast launch support? Book a discovery call and learn how we can help you with a pre-launch podcast strategy designed with your business goals in mind and proven to get your podcast ranking in the charts from day one.

How Soon Can We Start?

We only have a few open spots each month. Book a call and reserve yours now!

Let’s Do This!

Let’s be honest – your time is way more valuable to you and your business when spent in your true role of Visionary with the tasks that only the CEO can perform, not down in the weeds of podcast production.

The most effective business owners minimize opportunity costs and maximize returns by delegating to professionals who can implement with speed and expertise.

With the Power Podcast Production System you can say goodbye to the stress of managing your podcast production when you know you should be managing your business.

Imagine what you could be doing with the time you save!